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Green Loans

Financing projects relating to the environment and the climate is part of our DNA. With “Green Loans – Made by KfW IPEX-Bank”, we are now creating even greater transparency and more financing opportunities for German and European exports.

Financing that makes a positive contribution to environmental protection, climate action and resource conservation can qualify as a “Green Loan – Made by KfW IPEX-Bank”, provided that the financing funds serve at least one of the purposes defined in our framework. Together with our German and European export partners and our global corporate customers and financing partners, our aim is to aid the transition to a sustainable society — in all three dimensions: economically, environmentally and socially — in Germany, Europe and throughout the world.

With “Green Loans – Made by KfW IPEX-Bank”, we are strengthening strategic partnerships to promote German and European exports and expanding our role as a provider of tailored financing solutions.

The framework for “Green Loans – Made by KfW IPEX-Bank” (also referred to hereinafter as “Green Loans” or “Green Loan”) described below is set in this context. It ties in with the Green Loan Principles (“GLP”) of the Loan Market Association (“LMA”) and, in keeping with the four core elements of GLP, defines the specific characteristics of these core elements for KfW IPEX-Bank.

This framework will be revised on a regular basis and amended to reflect the evolving scientific, technological and other conditions.


KfW IPEX-Bank’s Green Loan Framework (PDF, 471 KB, non-accessible)

Second Party Opinion KfW IPEX-Bank Green Loan Framework (PDF, 509 KB, non-accessible)