Skizze eines Zement-Transportschiffes

    Financing case: Two cement carrier newbuilds for Baltrader Capital

    Project profile – financing:

    • Two cement carrier newbuilds for Baltrader Capital, Hamburg, Germany
    • 95% Sinosure cover
    • Tenor of 12 years from delivery

    Contribution of KfW IPEX-Bank:

    • Loan of EUR 15.7 million
    • KfW IPEX-Bank structures loan acting as sole lender
    • Support for a mid-sized German company through lending
    • Promotion of the members of the GeMaX Initiative providing vessel components

    Project profile – vessels:

    • Built at Fujian Southeast Shipyard in China
    • Delivery in March and April 2021
    • Ship design and substantial vessel components are supplied by GeMaX members
    • With the two new vessels Baltrader will own and operate a fleet of 12 pneumatic self-discharging cement carriers