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Waste-to-energy technology

We finance eco-friendly plants for waste disposal and recycling in Europe.

Financing case MVV Energie: Modern waste-to-energy plant in the UK

An example of an export project involving medium-sized companies is the delivery of state-of-the-art technology for the construction of a new thermal waste treatment plant in Plymouth, South West England. Baumgarte Boiler Systems from Duisburg is supplying its boiler, LAB from Stuttgart is delivering the flue gas cleaning plants, the Hamburg-based service provider Imtech is providing the energy and building technology, and a fourth German company, SAR Elektronik from Landshut, is contributing the industrial and process automation. The corporate financing has been jointly arranged by KfW IPEX-Bank and Svenska Handelsbanken from Sweden and also involves the European Investment Bank.

Anglo-German Public-Private Partnership

The joint local authority waste management association, the South West Devon Waste Partnership (SWDWP), has commissioned Mannheim-based MVV Umwelt, a subsidiary of MVV Energie AG, to design, build, operate and finance the new plant for a period of 25 years. The company is one of Germany’s leading energy players. MVV Energie AG has strong local and regional roots and specialises in the areas of renewable energy, district heating, energy efficiency and thermal waste treatment. KfW IPEX-Bank and the MVV Energie Group have a long-standing business relationship.

Compliance with important EU environmental directives

With its high energy efficiency, the combined heat and power (CHP) technology and a state-of-the-art emission control system ensure low emissions, eco-friendly waste treatment and the production of renewable energy. The combination of power and heat generates electricity and heating, which are used in the South West Devon region.

The construction of the thermal waste treatment plant, in the form of a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project, will enable compliance with important EU environmental directives. Increased investment in the waste and recycling sector is necessary if the United Kingdom is to achieve the long-term EU environmental targets.