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Hedet Wind Farm enters service

Published: 24.07.2020 In late February 2019 KfW IPEX-Bank announced that it was participating in the financing of the Finnish wind farm '"Hedet" in the westerm part of the country. Now, after about 17 months of construction, the wind farm can start operating - but what all had to happen for this to be possible?

Thirty Finnish companies with at times more than 100 staff on-site needed to coordinate their work, the 135-meter-tall wind turbines by the German manufacturer Nordex had to be delivered and installed, and the wind farm needed to be connected to the local power grid. Neoen has put together a compelling video showing all these steps along the way:

KfW IPEX-Bank provided EUR 33 million towards the financing of the Hedet Wind Farm. "Even though we got to know the wind farm better and better during the course of the lending process, seeing these images makes us - the entire deal team - extremely glad and proud," said Dominik Franz, Project Manager in the department of Power, Renewables & Water. "It's a great feeling to be part of such an exciting project – Lykkyä tykö!“