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GNA 1 reaches major milestone

Published: 20.07.2020 The Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) hat docked at the expanded LNG terminal in the Port of Açu in Rio de Janeiro, marking an important milestone in the GNA 1 project. Back in early 2019 KfW IPEX-Bank co-financed the thermoelectric gas-fired power plant GNA 1, thus playing a key role in helping to modernise, diversify and stabilise Brazil's energy mix.

"Brazil is a pioneer in the field of renewable energies: Over 70% of the country's overall power production capacity is generated through hydropower and wind power. However, to compensate for temporary and seasonal fluctuations in power generation, fossil energy sources are still required that can be utilised as needed, such as in times of drought. Given this, in financing the highly efficient and flexible reserve power plant GNA 1 we are making a vital contribution to supporting the continued expansion of climate and environmentally friendly technologies while also ensuring a reliable supply of energy in Brazil", explained project manager Nils Scherhag.

LNG can be transported safely by ship, making it available in places lacking other sources of gas. The video shows the FSRU docking - putting the operation of the LNG-to-power project within reach.