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A gentle giant with a small footprint

The ship is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall. At over 400 m long and with capacity to hold over 23,000 standard containers, the CMA CGM Jacques Saadé is among the giants of the seas. With twelve layers of containers stacked on top of each other, she is taller than a 26-storey building. And best of all: she is powered by environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG), the best technical solution currently available in terms of energy transition. She is the first ship of this size in the world to have an LNG engine. Read more
Published: 04.12.2020

Digital infrastructure expansion: new energy-efficient data centre in Frankfurt metro region

Some 300 guests attended a virtual opening ceremony via live stream at the end of October 2020 to mark the launch of the new MAIN DC data centre in Offenbach, Germany, following a construction period of around a year. Tech companies around the world will benefit from the new capacity it provides. The centre is located on the campus of energy supplier Energieversorgung Offenbach (EVO) – in close proximity to one of the most important Internet exchange points in the world (Frankfurt-based DE-CIX). This ensures that the data centre has a fast connection to global data streams. KfW IPEX-Bank provided the EUR 117 million needed to finance the data centre, with the total investment volume coming to around EUR 160 million.Read more
Published: 12.11.2020

First liquefied natural gas refuelling in Italy

For the cruise line Costa Cruises, the harbour authorities and the Italian coast guard in La Spezia, 25 October 2020 was a big day. This was the day when the first ship-to-ship refuelling with liquefied natural gas (LNG) took place in Italy.Read more
Published: 05.11.2020

GNA 1 reaches major milestone

The Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) hat docked at the expanded LNG terminal in the Port of Açu in Rio de Janeiro, marking an important milestone in the GNA 1 project. Back in early 2019 KfW IPEX-Bank co-financed the thermoelectric gas-fired power plant GNA 1, thus playing a key role in helping to modernise, diversify and stabilise Brazil's energy mix. Read more
Published: 20.07.2020

Supporting the energy transition worldwide

Together with our customers and business partners, we are making a significant contribution to global climate and environmental protection through financing for ‘green energy’. This is demonstrated, for example, by new commitments totalling EUR 3.2 billion in our ‘Power, Renewables and Water’ sector department in the last financial year. Read more
Published: 06.04.2020