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Deals of the Year

Award-winning financings

KfW IPEX-Bank excels when it comes to structuring complex financing transactions. The awards presented by leading international specialist publications underscore this competence anew every year.

International project awards

Every year the leading media of the international financial press present their "Deal of the Year" awards to recognise the outstanding financings of the year.

We are pleased to have received such accolades from PFI Project Finance International, IJGlobal, GTF Global Transport Finance, Marine Money, Proximo, The Asset Asia and TXF - they are independent proof of the performance of KfW IPEX-Bank in structuring sophisticated loans in international comparison.

Successful awards season 2019/2020

In the awards season 2019/2020 KfW IPEX-Bank again figured among the winners: 13 different projects in which KfW IPEX-Bank was involved - in some cases in a leading role – were selected for altogether 36 awards.

Examples of our award-winning financings in 2019/2020

Best Road Deal of the Year: Autopista al Mar 1, Colombia

The specialist magazine IJGlobal chose the Colombian road construction project "Autopista al Mar 1" to receive its "Best Road Deal of the Year" award. KfW IPEX-Bank contributed USD 75 million to this PPP project, the total investment volume of which is USD 713 million.

The main activities financed include the construction of a motorway between Medellín and Santa Fe de Antioquia, the construction of a 4.6-km-long tunnel parallel to the existing Túnel de Occidente, the rehabilitation of the Santa Fe de Antioquia - Peñalisa route, the operation and maintenance of the Santa Fe de Antioquia - Cañasgordas route and the 176-km-long concession route.

EMEA Transport Deal of the Year & Europe Transport Deal of the Year: Silvertown Tunnel, UK

KfW IPEX-Bank's participation in the financing of Silvertown Tunnel in London was chosen for three awards: by PFI Project Finance International (Europe Transport Deal of the Year), by IJGlobal (Best Transport Deal of the Year for Europe) and by Proximo (EMEA Transport Deal of the Year). In this PPP project KfW IPEX-Bank plays a leading role and contributed altogether GBP 175 million, with the total investment volume of the project adding up to no less than GBP 1.2 billion.

The financing structure is marked by a novelty in PPP business in Europe: For the first time, cover by the South Korean ECA, Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-Sure), has been arranged under a major European PPP. For the City of London the new tunnel aims to reduce journey times for passengers and to enable more reliable deliveries of goods and services. One lane in each direction will be reserved for zero-emission buses.

Latin America Power Deal of the Year: GNA1, Brazil

The financing of the LNG-to-power facility GNA1 in Açu port in Rio de Janeiro was also chosen by Proximo and by IJGlobal to receive a prize. The power plant has an installed capacity of 1.3 GW and will ensure supply security locally, especially when renewable energies do not perform at full capacity.

The financing transaction consists of two tranches: one with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), in the amount of USD 288 million, concluded in March 2019, and another in the amount of BRL 1.76 billion, signed in December 2018, in an unprecedented partnership between the Brazilian Development Bank BNDES and KfW IPEX-Bank.

KfW IPEX-Bank repeat winner of Export Finance Industry Choice Award in 2020

According to the London-based industry information service Trade & Export Finance (TXF), KfW IPEX-Bank is one of the top 3 export financiers worldwide - such is the result of the TXF Export Finance Industry Report for 2020. This gives KfW IPEX-Bank a ranking among the top 3 banks providing export finance for the fourth consecutive year and as the panel's sole institution.

KfW IPEX-Bank prevailed in all nine evaluation categories, with particularly above-average scores in the categories "Understanding of clients' businesses" and "Industry expertise". The overall result underscores the bank's high standards for achieving excellent customer satisfaction.