copper industry, detail of copper wires

    Financing to ensure the raw materials supply

    The sustainable supply of raw materials is a prerequisite for domestic production and the strength of the German economy and, hence, a central task of the Federal Government. After all, Germany as a high-technology nation is dependent on imports for most of its industrial raw materials. This dependency ranges from energy sources to special metals that are essential for innovative industries. German industries need these raw materials to maintain prosperity and keep jobs in the country.

    Securing the supply of raw materials is our mission as a subsidiary of the promotional bank KfW

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the promotional bank KfW, it is our mission to support industries in securing their access to raw materials all over the world. Whether it is an iron ore project in Mauritania or exploration projects for the extraction of copper, oil or gold - projects aimed at securing raw materials for local industries have priority for us.

    Environmental and social acceptability is a prerequisite for financing

    And we proceed systematically - particularly in securing raw materials supplies. We ensure compliance with international environmental standards and thoroughly examine the projects we finance for their environmental impact and for their social sustainability. We do not finance projects that cause unacceptable environmental harm.

    Optimising the use of raw materials and recycling are also central themes for us as a financing institution. For example, we support innovative production concepts that use recycled raw materials and sustainable technologies.

    Copper - raw material for future technologies

    Copper is essential for future developments in e-mobility, renewable energies or digitalisation. Aurubis, the largest copper producer in Europe, has firmly anchored recycling and environmental management in its strategy.