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Energy providers. A flash analysis.

The energy transition implemented so far in Germany could be described as the Energy Transition 1.0: a massive expansion in wind and photovoltaic systems was financed due to subsidised feed-in tariffs, with the objective of making these technologies competitive by means of economies of scale and learning benefits. This transformation is well underway.

Not only German but also many international utilities are now facing the "Energy Transition 2.0", which could pose even greater challenges: increasingly competitive solar power and cheaper storage systems could allow private households to become self-sufficient across the board.

Major utilities – not only the German companies, but also many international players – are asking themselves what opportunities they still have to offer private customers attractive products.

The current "Flash Analysis" (PDF, 118 KB, non-accessible), a product of the Credit Analysis Department of KfW IPEX-Bank, examines our answer to this question and other aspects relating to the topic.

Published: January 2017