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Standpoint: Retrofitting in Maritime Industries

Dr. Carsten Wiebers
Dr. Carsten Wiebers, Global Head of Maritime Industries

"ECO-vessels have enhanced marketability, higher revenue potential and thus a more favourable risk profile for financiers as well as for shipowners."

The trend is largely driven by intensified competition due to the persistently low charter rates and tightening environmental regulations.

Emission-compliant vessels will benefit since bunker cost savings are significant. The current low bunker prices may delay some of these measures, but in the long run efficiency is relevant even given lower fuel costs, and competition will push the market in this direction.

Since the competitive environment also drives technology, there is an opportunity for shipowners to strengthen their market position by increasing fuel efficiency and lowering their transport costs.

Read the interview with Dr Carsten Wiebers in "Maritime Impact", March 2015.  (PDF, 439 KB, non-accessible)

You will find the complete issue of "Maritime Impact" (01-2015) containing the interview here: www.dnvgl.com/maritime/publications/magazines .