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Business sectors of KfW IPEX-Bank

Basic Industries

We finance the development of oil and gas fields, pipelines, refineries, mining projects and paper mills.

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Industries and Services

We offer financing solutions for the automotive industry, plant engineering, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceuticals/health and speciality chemicals.

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Maritime Industries

We are one of the world's largest financiers of the shipping industry.

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Power, Renewables and Water

We are experts in energy efficiency and renewable energies.

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We have been one of the leading providers of aircraft finance for more than 30 years. We support mobility - a key prerequisite for global trade and growth.

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We support private initiatives in public transport and contribute to shifting traffic from the road to the rail for the good of the environment.

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We support transport and social infrastructure, and promote PPPs.

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Financial Institutions, Trade & Commodity Finance

We offer short-term trade and commodity finance.

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Find out about moments of excitement when a financing project succeeds

Moments of success

If the financing suits and is reliable, companies, investors and financiers can be proud of the major projects being launched and exports being sent out.

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