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Full power for state-of-the-art technology

High R&D investment is part and parcel of business in cutting-edge technology sectors. German and European industry would never be able to achieve the innovative strength and top performance that characterise them today without the willingness to try and explore new things.

Well-trained and highly specialised engineers and technicians put in outstanding work to keep pushing and testing the boundaries of materials and substances as well as to improve and heighten the efficiency of equipment and machine performance. To achieve optimal use of materials, lower energy consumption and greater power.

Until the moment of completion…

jet engine

Final prototypes are preceded by months and often years of development as well as following up on and rejecting different ideas and approaches. The moment when the first tests run well and the targeted performance figures are achieved is the result of lengthy efforts and long periods of uncertainty. Finally the project is successful and the result presentable. Production can start, the parts can be fitted, and there is nothing standing in the way of global exports. Relief spreads, along with satisfaction and pride.

Without reliable financing and an experienced financial partner that understands its business and that of its clients well, such a high degree of engineering ingenuity with the resources it requires could not have been achieved within the given time frame.

Moments of excitement

We work together with our clients offering outstanding expertise, in-depth experience in our industries and high commitment to ensure the joint success of the project or export deal. Some very personal moments are those encouraging us in our day-to-day work.

Watch the video with our project manager Boris Tiemann about his "Fascination with engines".

Fascination with engines

Boris Tiemann, Project Manager at KfW IPEX-Bank, is thrilled to finance cutting-edge engineering.

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We get enthusiastic


It is not just clients of KfW IPEX-Bank who are filled with satisfaction and pride when a technology project is brought to fruition. As financiers of these research and development achievements, such moments are very special for us as well. This is because we get enthusiastic about our partners' projects, provide professional advice and offer them long-term, structured financing – from the initial idea to the development and the global marketing. The German and European economies have relied on our expertise for more than 60 years. And we too are proud of each individual moment of success.

Our current advertising campaign: „Moments of success“

Our advertising motifs themed 'moments' aim to share special moments of success and the sense of pride felt by all those involved when an investment project succeeds.

Moments of success