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Making way for a new production facility

Export transactions involving complex production facilities are strategically important for German and European industry. Marketing one's products internationally is vital to maintaining and expanding market position in a globalised world.

Local investors are able to manage and increase their production capacities in line with domestic demand thanks to the import of sophisticated foreign technologies and manufacturing facilities. Yet such projects can only be realised if highly specialised and modern production facilities can be installed quickly and smoothly at the given location. The need for investment and the expertise for such transactions should not be underestimated.

The future is made here

production facility

With the construction of an advanced technology plant, a new production location springs up, piece by piece, one that creates local jobs and satisfies demand for high-quality products.

Before the first production line actually gets rolling and mass production starts, and before the skilled workers carry out their tasks on the machines, there is one last works inspection. At this moment, the investor as well as the exporter can rightfully look upon this newly created place of economic strength with deep satisfaction and anticipation. This is where economic goods will soon be produced effectively and efficiently in terms of resources thanks to the cutting-edge technology as well as goods that have a ready market, that strengthen the manufacturer's competitive position and that offer employment security as well as job prospects for the people in the region. A new factory hall is a place of the future – and of pride.

Our financing is sound and reliable

people at a production facility

However, large investments entail risks for every company. Without reliable financing tailored to the requirements and the situation of the particular investment, taking such steps can quickly turn into an expensive mistake.

The financial specialists at KfW IPEX-Bank know the countries and industries of their clients well and harness their experience as well as their excellent contacts with international export credit insurers to ensure the success of export projects.

When our clients move into other countries with all the associated risks and opportunities, it is exciting for us as well. We also stand by their side as a reliable financial partner for the duration of the project, from its launch to commissioning – and even beyond this. For over 60 years. Each individual moment of success experienced by our partners fills us with pride as well.

Moments of excitement

We work together with our clients offering outstanding expertise, in-depth experience in our industries and high commitment to ensure the joint success of the project or export deal. Some very personal moments are those encouraging us in our day-to-day work.

contract manager KfW IPEX-Bank
Nergiz Selmo

A new location is being built

Nergiz Selmo, Contract Manager at KfW IPEX-Bank, is excited to finance state-of-the-art production facilities.

"Helping companies enter new, unexplored markets - that's what I find exciting. Our customers and their projects are what we at KfW IPEX-Bank focus on. Together with our customers we build a team that wants to make a planned project reality - fast and with a sense of purpose. I like it when projects are carried out successfully, and I like seeing the positive effects that normally go along with building a factory hall or production facility. Local jobs are created, the economy grows stronger and often enough technological progress is made, too. I have a feeling that I directly contribute to the company's success, to the further development of the project country and to improving the quality of life for the people in the area. That makes me proud and motivates me to work on other projects."

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