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Sustainable Finance: Green Loans - Made by KfW IPEX-Bank

Do you want to make an investment that has positive impacts on the environment and climate? Have you planned a project that will save resources and/or water or reduce carbon emissions? Would you like to join with us to finance infrastructure that makes mobility greener? Take advantage of our many years of expertise in financings that make a positive difference for the environment and the climate.

This is already part of our DNA at KfW IPEX-Bank, and is now also a product segment that is accessible to you as well, thanks to our Green Loans – Made by KfW IPEX-Bank. We have had our framework for particularly green financings certified (by an external certification agency, which provided a second party opinion) to ensure that you and we both can be absolutely certain that we are having a positive effect on our environment and climate.

Find out more on our page "Sustainable Finance: Green Loans".