Container ships on the sea

    Financing case: Financing of export and installation of retrofit equipment for 31 vessels with GIEK cover for Quantum Pacific Shipping

    Project profile – financing:

    • Retrofit financing of 31 marine exhaust gas cleaning systems for Quantum Pacific Shipping
    • Tenor up to 5 years
    • 80% GIEK cover

    Contribution of KfW IPEX-Bank:

    • Loan of up to USD 72 million
    • KfW IPEX-Bank acts as sole lender
    • Leading bank for retrofit programmes in the maritime industry, and thus contributing to climate protection despite the long investment cycles for ships
    • Support for European suppliers
    • 2019 Marine Money Award - Green Ship Finance Deal of the Year

    Project profile – vessels:

    • Marine retrofit equipment from Norwegian Clean Marine AS
    • Installation at Samkang Shipyard (Korea), Cosco & Chang Hong (China) and Gemak (Turkey)
    • Compliant with the IMO 2020 sulphur emissions regulation
    • Installation period of up to two years to complete the retrofit for 31 vessels