Warning against fake websites, phishing e-mails and false payment confirmations

Websites falsely claiming to be KfW / KfW IPEX-Bank websites are currently circulating on the Internet. They are operated by unknown persons under the name of KfW/ KfW IPEX-Bank and request customers to hand over personal data, possibly with the intention of using these data fraudulently.

Phishing e-mails are also circulating in this context, asking addressees to disclose personal data. The addressees are requested to click on a link in the message. These links lead to fake websites where the data can be accessed. Recipients may not suspect anything because the messages can appear deceptively genuine.

In addition, false KfW IPEX-Bank payment confirmations are currently being used by unknown persons in the automotive trade, which are sent from fake e-mail addresses.

KfW IPEX-Bank would like to point out that personal data should only be entered into the portals accessible via the www.kfw-ipex-bank.de website.