Standpoint: Stepped-up commitment in the railway sector

Portrait Carsten Wiebers

The share of leasing models in the European railway sector is still comparatively low at 30% of the total fleet. However, due to high efficiency gains, Dr Carsten Wiebers believes that the trend towards leasing will continue.

Initial examples of rail vehicle leasing have emerged as part of the liberalisation process in regional passenger railway transport. Although leasing is still uncommon in this area, local public transport stands to benefit a great deal from separating operation from property.

This prompted KfW IPEX-Bank to develop a model which enables municipalities to transfer their vehicles to a company they can use to lease the vehicles to the local public transport operator. Doing so offers a range of advantages for municipalities.

Read the article here (in German, published in April 2021):

Dr Carsten Wiebers, Global Head of Aviation, Mobility & Transport, in an interview with “Rail Business” magazine