Agency desk

Everything from one point of contact: The Agency Desk of KfW IPEX-Bank is responsible for handling complex financing transactions in which our bank has assumed one or more agency roles within the banking consortium. This consolidates the responsibilities and specific expertise needed to perform these functions in a central location.

Our actions are based on the principle of neutrality and ensure that the interests of the entire consortium are preserved.

graph agency desk KfW IPEX-Bank

Our expertise

We offer many years of experience as agents in various roles (facility, paying, or security agent). We support projects in various sectors around the world. As a dedicated, flexible and reliable agency team, we offer our customers services from one point of contact and optimise project efficiency.

Our services

  • We are a competent partner between customers and the banking consortium and act as the customer's contact for various issues specific to the transaction.
  • We (actively) coordinate waivers and amendments to ensure a smooth process and support our customers in monitoring and fulfilling their contractual obligations.
  • We ensure a streamlined disbursement and payment process.
  • We oversee the perfection and administration of collateral.

Our added value

  • Efficient communication and coordination of all project participants
  • Optimisation of consortium processes starting with the structuring phase
  • Proactive support for the transaction