Asset-based finance

Even without recourse to your company’s balance sheet, we can finance the purchase and refinancing of means of transport for you, our customers, based on the cash flow of your assets.

graph asset-based finance KfW IPEX-Bank

Our expertise

  • We have many years of experience in financing complex non-recourse structures for a variety of asset types. Our services are based on a broad-based understanding of market standards.
  • In addition to the necessary market and financing expertise, we have in-depth knowledge of the financial goods, their values and the technology behind them.
  • We are familiar with market players, and work to bring asset managers, sellers, investors, experts and financiers together: an integrated turnkey package enables successful long-term financing for your investment.

Our value added

  • We will advise you. We will do the structuring. We will provide financing and help with implementation. Turnkey solutions and terms that match the asset being financed are our speciality.
  • We optimise and sort processes. A variety of tailored complementary products ensure sustainable and successful workflows.
  • We guarantee the timely implementation of complex transactions and consistent project management.

Our advisory services

  • We can offer you bespoke financing and interest/currency hedging at attractive terms and conditions.
  • Owing to our deep market penetration and extensive networking in the markets, we can arrange investment opportunities, investors and complementary financiers.
  • Our profound knowledge of the financial assets guarantees that the inherent value of your assets is put to expedient use.
  • We can coordinate your consortium, manage your loan over time, and mediate between you and your banks in the event of waivers and amendments to the loan agreement to ensure flexibility.
  • We can support you in monitoring and meeting your contractual obligations with a wide range of agency roles for your business, including facility agent, paying agent and collateral agent.