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    Financing German exports in African buyer countries

    KfW IPEX-Bank is implementing the Africa CIRR export financing programme for KfW on behalf of the Federal Republic.

    New markets for German exporters

    All credit institutions eligible to apply for buyer credit cover from the Federal Republic of Germany (so-called Hermes cover) are eligible for the Africa CIRR.

    Loans supported by the Africa CIRR export financing programme

    The Africa CIRR supports loans to finance German exports in African buyer countries. Under the programme, the eligible banking group can grant loans to buyers of German export goods or to banks in the African buyer country at the minimum interest rate CIRR (Commercial Interest Reference Rate) set by the OECD. KfW provides refinancing under the programme for the eligible credit institutions if the relevant programme criteria are met. KfW can, however, exclude certain projects from financing or specify terms and conditions that must be met. For details, see the exclusion list and the sectoral guidelines of KfW Group:

    Exclusion list and sectoral guidelines of KfW Group

    The Africa CIRR is a fixed-interest programme for which the German Federal Government, on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag, provides budget funds to support financing for large-volume export transactions. The programme focuses on promoting projects in Africa.Information sheet Africa CIRR

    Within the scope of the programme, KfW represents the Federal Republic of Germany as mandatary, on the one hand, and commissions KfW IPEX-Bank to implement the programme, on the other. We have provided additional information in the attached information sheet. Please also feel free to contact us by e-mail:

    Further information

    Information sheet Africa CIRR