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About KfW IPEX-Bank - the original export bank

We support the German and European economy with our project and export financings. Not only does our expertise make us a strong financing partner for the enterprise sector, but it also makes us a sought-after adviser for policymakers. We pave the way for companies entering difficult countries, all the while helping make Germany's export economy successful.

Self-image and mission

The focus of our financings: export industry, climate protection, infrastructure and the supply of raw materials.

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Facts and figures, management and bodies, our ratings and participation.

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Our headquarters in Frankfurt, the London Branch and representative offices in the world's most important economic centres.

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Our role in promoting foreign trade

The German government values our in-depth knowledge of the export industry.

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KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH defines the term "compliance" as ensuring the fulfilment of the legal and regulatory obligations.

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Annual report

Key business figures and results of KfW IPEX-Bank

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Awards 2022/2023

Our expertise in structuring complex financing transactions is highlighted by the awards we have received from leading international specialist magazines. Here are a few examples.

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Current marketing campaign

'Shape the future': Under this slogan you will find adverts (both print and online) by KfW IPEX-Bank in the international trade press.

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History of KfW IPEX-Bank

Since 2008 KfW IPEX-Bank has been operating as a legally independent limited company in charge of export and project finance within KfW Group.

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Mission Statement

The mission statement and the principles of management provide orientation and a sense of identification. They reflect our values and the principles of our business.

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Complaint management

We want you to be satisfied with the services provided by KfW IPEX-Bank. In the event that this is not the case, your critical feedback is important to us.

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Creating prospects - worldwide

KfW is active all over the world to sustainably improve the living conditions for humankind. As KfW IPEX-Bank we are part of that and provide support for building up key infrastructure, for the global energy transition and for global trade, among others.

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