KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH defines the term "compliance" as ensuring the fulfilment of the legal and regulatory obligations.

    The compliance organisation of KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH is subdivided into the areas Prevention of Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, Securities Compliance, Prevention of other Offences, as well as Data Protection.

    The corresponding rules, processes and controls are continually adapted to the legal and regulatory legal framework and market requirements.

    The business of KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH is governed by the obligations of adhering to market standards and acting in the best interests of all stakeholders. Breaches of rules are consistently pursued and sanctioned.

    Introduction of confidential whistleblower system

    KfW IPEX-Bank introduced a confidential whistleblower system as of 1 March 2014. This system was rolled out for all companies of the KfW Group (Group).

    The whistleblower system will enable suspected compliance breaches to be forwarded and received in confidence, i.e. criminal offences as well as breaches of the Banking Act (KWG) or similar irregularities.

    The whistleblower system is centred around the appointment of a neutral ombudsperson. Whistleblowers can turn to this neutral ombudsperson in confidence with any suspicions they may have. The ombudsperson will accept this confidential information on suspicious cases. Information with a direct link to KfW IPEX-Bank will be forwarded to Compliance at KfW IPEX-Bank (in anonymised form, if preferred). This will enable KfW IPEX-Bank to deal with such information on a consistent basis.

    The KfW Group has appointed Arndt Brillinger, lawyer (Brillinger Law Office in Karlsruhe) to be the ombudsperson for all Group companies.

    Existing contractual regulations mean that the names and identities of whistleblowers are protected. Only at the request and with the express consent of the whistleblower will their identity be made known to Compliance at KfW IPEX-Bank.

    Contact details for ombudsperson

    Arndt Brillinger

    Born in 1956 in Stuttgart, married.
    He has been employed in the Brillinger Law Office since 2009. Ombudsman, including Ombudsman Compliance for various companies and organisations

    Tel.: +49 (0)721-915465-68
    Fax: +49 (0)721-915465-80


    • The ombudsperson is not an arbitration board for third-party disputes with KfW IPEX-Bank or any other company of the KfW Group.
    • The ombudsperson is not there to receive complaints which are not connected to suspicions of criminal acts.

    More information: FAQs – whistle-blower system