Pharmaceuticals and health

    We finance hospitals in Germany and Europe as well as exports of European medical technology. In addition, we support the health sector with financing solutions for energy efficiency, research and development.

    Financing case Alliar: Modern medical technology for Brazil

    A typical example of financing in the health sector is the partial financing of the export of cutting-edge Siemens medical technology to Brazil. In this way, KfW IPEX-Bank is not only supporting German exports, but also helping to improve health care services in an emerging economy.

    Supplying the interior of the country

    Brazil’s health system is in transition: economic growth and a rising population call for fresh investment. For this reason, Alliar, the leading Brazilian operator of diagnostic centres, which already has more than 80 medical diagnostic centres in 39 cities, is intending to expand its network outside the major metropolises. Alliar Medicina Diagnóstica is the product of an alliance between physicians and radiology centres.

    Major order for Siemens

    The aim is both to increase diagnostic confidence and to improve the early detection of diseases in the interior of Brazil. Alliar will establish a number of new facilities in smaller cities throughout Brazil and equip them with magnetic resonance, computed tomography and molecular imaging systems. Siemens will complete the delivery of a total of 60 highly innovative systems and software to Alliar by 2014.

    Alliar financing example at a glance:

    Project profile
    • Importer and borrower: Alliar Medicina Diagnóstica
    • Exporter: Siemens Healthcare
    Contribution of KfW IPEX-Bank
    • Credit volume: around USD 22.5 million
    • Structuring the Hermes cover