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    We finance investments of international retail groups – such as energy-efficient supermarket buildings and logistics centres.

    Financing case REWE: New logistics centre for the whole of Germany

    One example of the support given to projects that have a positive impact on the environment and climate is the financing of the REWE Group's new logistics centre in Neu-Isenburg, Hesse. The building meets the latest construction, engineering and technical standards, and achieves energy savings of more than 30% compared with conventional buildings of this kind. It is one of the most modern logistics centres in the whole of Germany and will provide a workplace for around 500 members of staff once it has been completed in 2014.

    The investment forms part of REWE's operational environmental programme with which it wants to considerably reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The funds for the financing, which totals EUR 125 million, came from the KfW Energy Efficiency Programme.

    Ergonomic workstations

    With the ergonomic equipment, REWE is responding to the challenge that goes hand-in-hand with demographic change. The new logistics centre thus offers comfortable working conditions for older employees, too. Ultra-modern technology relieves them of the strain of heavy work and routes have been shortened by up to 75% compared with a conventional system.

    Short transport routes

    As the new logistics centre boasts a central location in Neu-Isenburg, the transport routes are becoming shorter – a strategic decision made by the retail group that is helping to ease the burden on the environment. Supermarkets throughout Germany are being supplied with dry and non-food items from the former premises of Philip Holzmann AG.

    The REWE Group is one of the leading retail and tourism groups in both Germany and Europe, as well as a long-standing customer of KfW IPEX-Bank. We also financed the supermarket chain’s first "green building" branch, which was opened in Berlin in 2009.

    REWE logistics centre financing at a glance:

    Project profile
    • Total investment: EUR 200 million
    • Plot area: 23 hectares
    • Storage area: 63,000 square metres
    • Length of the conveying system: 12 kilometres
    • Storage capacity: up to 24,000 items
    Contribution of KfW IPEX-Bank
    • On-lending bank for promotional funds from the KfW Energy Efficiency Programme
    • Loan: EUR 125 million
    • Direct coordination with the customer's construction and real estate management teams to describe the reduced environmental impact

    Video: REWE logistics centre in Neu-Isenburg

    Financing high-tech energy efficiency

    30 m high warehouses, a 12 km long conveyor, some 500 jobs - one of Germany's most state-of-the-art logistics centres produces most of its own electricity.