Copper industry, Detail of shiny copper wire

    Securing raw materials supplies, strengthening the economy

    We finance raw materials projects that serve both the import and the export interests of the German and European economy.

    Our typical financing products are:

    • Medium and long-term loans for investments in plant and machinery
    • Project financings
    • Structured financings
    • Official and private guarantees for projects eligible for support to hedge against country and project risks, and to optimise loan volumes and tenors (ECA/untied loan guarantees/PRI-covered financings)

    Copper - raw material for future technologies

    Copper is essential for future developments in e-mobility, renewable energies or digitalisation. Aurubis, the largest copper producer in Europe, has firmly anchored recycling and environmental management in its strategy.

    Access to affordable industrial raw materials is a key prerequisite to guarantee the viability of domestic high technology production both now and in the future. At the same time, global demand and prices for raw materials are on the rise. KfW IPEX-Bank supports German and European enterprises in diversifying their sources of supply and meeting their need for industrial raw materials.

    Competent financing partner for raw materials companies

    As financing partner for numerous large and medium-sized resource companies worldwide, KfW IPEX-Bank structures prestigious mining projects. We are one of the leading providers of long-term financing for the global steel industry. We finance supplies of plants and machinery from Germany and Europe to Latin America that are used to extract copper, which is then imported to Germany. We are involved in financing plastic circular economy projects, hydrogen projects, green ammonia, methanol and biofuels.

    Responsible financing

    We set much store by resource efficiency and sustainability. Our technical, environmental and social experts appraise the projects we finance. We are open-minded, curious and enthusiastic: We work in countries that are too exotic for others, yet we do not take risks we cannot assess.

    Selected financing cases:

    Raw Materials

    KfW IPEX-Bank is contributing USD 300 million to Mina Justa copper mine in Peru as the largest single lender.


    KfW IPEX-Bank provides USD 800 million in export finance for Big River Steel, a highly efficient steel plant in the USA.


    KfW IPEX-Bank structures syndicated financing amounting to USD 2 billion for German plant engineering exports to Reliance Industries in India.


    Steel: Recycling world champion and the raw material of tomorrow

    Steel is by far the most frequently reused raw material – around the world, approx. 570 million tonnes are recycled every year.

    In the process, steel retains all its positive properties and the quality of recycled steel can be easily adapted to new requirements through alloying and other treatments.

    This makes steel the world's most sought-after secondary raw material. Today's scrap steel is the raw material for tomorrow's high-tech products – and this is just one of the reasons why our department „Resources and Recycling“ is involved in this sector.