After the 5G auction comes the real work: rollout. A flash analysis.

    Germany's first 5G auction ended in mid-2019, marking a major milestone in introducing the 'key technology for digital transformation'. Which challenges still await the telecoms companies until full-scale 5G coverage? How will they be able to confront them?

    For telcos, the road towards full-scale 5G coverage will be long and rocky. High costs for licences and infrastructure expansion on the one hand, as yet uncertain sales potentials on the other. Yet in spite of the fact that the 5G business case is still unclear, none of the big players are likely to risk being left behind technologically. New financing and business models are needed to enable telcos to brace for what lies ahead.

    The current Flash Analysis After the 5G auction comes the real work: rollout, a product of the Central Analysis Department of KfW IPEX-Bank, examines several aspects relating to the topic.

    Authors: Paula Hollekamp and Nicole Landerer

    Published: February 2020