Market analyses by KfW IPEX-Bank

Analysis: Sustainability of data centres

Data centres have been criticised for their enormous energy consumption. However, they are an indispensable part of our digital world. They enable working from home, virtual meetings and a variety of other digital aspects of our personal and professional lives, and therefore also contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. What is the outcome of a holistic approach?

Published: February 2023

Energy storage. A flash analysis.

Without efficient energy storage, there can be no energy transition - because "green" energy sources such as sun and wind are not always available when you need them. So far, a few large providers dominate the market. But the large growth potential brings dynamism with it. How will the market change?

Published: July 2022

Automotive China. A flash analysis.

The expected slowdown in China's growth - which has remained high for years - could put a damper on Chinese demand for German cars. At the same time, competition with Chinese car manufacturers in China and on German markets is increasing. What does this mean for Germany's automotive industry, which currently generates a major share of its profits in China?

Published: May 2022

Sustainable Aviation Fuels. A flash analysis.

The aviation industry is responsible for approx. 2% of global CO2 emissions, making it a major factor contributing to climate change. If passenger numbers rise as projected, targeted countermeasures will be needed if aviation is to contribute to fulfilling the Paris Climate Agreement. Can using sustainable fuels help solve the problem?

Published: June 2021

No ordering spree in container shipping in sight. A flash analysis.

Profits in the container shipping sector have risen remarkably during the COVID-19 pandemic. But has it also led to an increase in orders for newbuilds? Quite the contrary: the orderbook is still at a record low. And this at a time when a growing part of the operating fleet is approaching scrapping age. The current Flash Analysis explains the reasons why.

Published: February 2021

The telecommunications sector – damaging the environment or saving it? A flash analysis.

Telecommunications companies are often said to have a positive influence on the global climate. But how green is the sector really? The advance of digitalisation also leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions and, in individual cases, has been identified as a potential climate change accelerator.

Published: February 2021

After the 5G auction comes the real work: rollout. A flash analysis.

Germany's first 5G auction ended in mid-2019, marking a major milestone in introducing the 'key technology for digital transformation'. Which challenges still await the telecoms companies until full-scale 5G coverage? How will they be able to confront them?

Published: February 2020

Who's afraid of Amazon? A flash analysis.

Digital players like Amazon are increasingly influencing operations in the air cargo industry, which will lead to lasting changes in the sector. How is the current situation and what kind of changes for the global air cargo industry can be foreseen?

Published: January 2020