Concept of energy storage unit consisting of multiple conected containers with batteries. 3d rednering.

    Energy storage. A flash analysis.

    In the past, energy storage systems were not economically viable due to high investment costs and low profit expectations, but for some time now, costs have been falling and demand rising. The previous dominance of suppliers such as Tesla or AES/Siemens may decline in this market environment, especially because more and more companies are developing differentiated business strategies that are tailored to the individual needs of their customers. The product range is being expanded to include the entire value chain, thus reducing overall costs.

    In our current flash-light analysis "Battery Energy Storage - Integration into the Value Chain is Key", KfW IPEX-Bank’s analyst shed light on the market potential for energy storage providers worldwide.

    Author: Felix Meurer, Credit Risk Management department of KfW IPEX-Bank

    Published: July 2022