Standpoint: Ship financing in the era of climate change

Collage with Portraits of Sebastian Blum und Sebastian Fenk, KfW IPEX-Bank
Sebastian Blum and Sebastian Fenk, KfW IPEX-Bank

New international regulations are calling for the use of green technology on the world’s seas and oceans. However, sustainability requires a great deal of effort, including in the shipping sector. KfW IPEX-Bank has been looking closely at the topic of green shipping for many years now and has already concluded a number of financing packages for ships with LNG or hybrid drives. Financing for sustainable concepts such as reducing emissions and increasing efficiency in shipping also through retrofit measures has become a permanent fixture in the world of ship financing at KfW IPEX-Bank. Future concepts could include purely electric drives or fuel cells. The bank is keen to win over stakeholders to expedite a change in thinking.

Sebastian Blum and Sebastian Fenk, both Team Heads from the Maritime Industries Department at KfW IPEX-Bank, speak to Lesley Bankes-Hughes from and bunkerspot about financing the decarbonisation of shipping.

"Ship financing in the era of climate change", published in Bunkerspot, December 2020/January 2021.