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High-tech financing for growth in Africa

Africa's biggest cargo airport terminal boosts economic growth on the continent and protects jobs both locally and in Germany. Supplying all technical equipment was the largest single project in the history of the German SME Unitechnik Systems.

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The future belongs to those who think ahead

Forward thinkers come up with high tech solutions and thereby secure skilled jobs. They know just how valuable knowledge is and export it to the whole world. We support people who think ahead because they move us all ahead.

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Financing high-tech energy efficiency

30 m high warehouses, a 12 km long conveyor, some 500 jobs - one of Germany's most state-of-the-art logistics centres produces most of its own electricity.

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About us

Find out about KfW IPEX-Bank's broad range of business and its financings that bring added value for the economy, the environment and society.

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Long Beach Container Terminal

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Short statement clips

Market and industry assessments, expert opinions

Mobility in megacities

The existing infrastructure in booming megacities cannot cope with the dramatic increase in individual traffic anymore. Municipalities and governments are aware that investments in modern mobility and transport systems are needed.

Carsten Wiebers on the aims of new investments and how KfW IPEX-Bank is providing support already today.

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Maritime Industries charts a new route

"In ship finance we focus more than ever on sustainable concepts since the markets are embracing new ways of thinking."

Holger Apel, Global Head of Maritime Industries

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Standpoint: Investment opportunities in Africa

"We are convinced that Africa harbours enormous potential for growth. Yet in order for this potential to unfold, there is an urgent need for local infrastructure."

Joseph Mbuyi, Director of the Representative Office in Johannesburg, and Christian Bevc, Global Head of Transport and Social Infrastructure, discussing investment opportunities in Africa.

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