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    KfW Group Sustainability Report

    KfW IPEX-Bank is part of KfW Group and its financings support environmental protection and climate action projects all over the world. KfW Group’s Sustainability Report takes a closer look at the sustainability strategy, corporate governance, banking business, bank operations and employees.

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    KfW IPEX-Bank reporting on EU Taxonomy

    The EU Taxonomy reporting requirements arise from Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (“EU Taxonomy”) and Delegated Regulation EU 2021/2178, which defines Art. 8 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. They oblige KfW IPEX-Bank to include information in its non-financial statement on how and to what extent its business activities are to be classified as environmentally sustainable (“taxonomy-eligible”) economic activities in accordance with the EU Taxonomy.

    Information on KfW IPEX-Bank’s taxonomy-eligible business is available here:

    EU Taxonomy for the 2021 financial year

    From the 2022 financial year in the Sustainablity Report of KfW