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    Investing in climate and environmental protection helps assure our future

    We provide tailor-made financing solutions for innovative energy and environmental protection projects, and thus contribute to climate protection.

    We think and act sustainably

    Entrepreneurial action and social responsibility go together. This also applies to our daily activities in the area of project and export financing. After all, for us at KfW IPEX-Bank sustainability is part of our business model as a financing institution, an enterprise and an employer - and part of our self-image as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KfW, the German bank with a promotional mission.

    Ecology and economics go hand in hand

    Whether in basic industries, the automotive industry or retail trade - in all our financing segments we have a special commitment to forward-looking and environmentally sustainable projects. Not just because such projects improve our quality of life and that of generations to come, but because they are economically sound. This also applies to aircraft and ship finance, where our lending supports investments in energy-efficient construction and propulsion technologies.

    Investments in railroad transport are very important to us. We are one of the leading banks in this market, and we finance projects intended to encourage competition on the tracks and to support an environmentally friendly means of transport of passengers and goods.

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    We support renewable energies

    One major growth area for our bank is the financing of renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmental technologies - all areas in which German industry is successfully asserting itself in global competition. Forward-looking ideas deserve to be supported so that they can succeed. We offer our clients in-depth industry expertise and tailor-made financing solutions so that they can develop their potential.

    We are one of the leading financiers of technologically sophisticated projects to harness wind energy on land and offshore, as well as solar energy. Our financings of thermal power plants help modernise the process of generating electricity and improve energy efficiency. Many projects which we have structured as lead agency have been acclaimed by leading international technical journals as Deals of the Year.

    Financing in line with the Sustainability Guideline

    KfW IPEX-Bank has taken on the function of role model for environmental and climate protection issues. This is why back in 2000 we were one of the first German banks to adopt a Sustainability Guideline for all projects we finance. This means that we do not support projects that cause unacceptable harm to the environment or society.

    We also set standards for in-house environmental management: The new "West Arcade" of KfW's Frankfurt headquarters buildings, where we have our offices, is among the world's most energy-efficient office high-rises. We offset unavoidable emissions from office operation and business travel with emission reduction certificates, making KfW IPEX-Bank's operation carbon-neutral.

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    Social responsibility

    Our guidelines for environmentally and socially sustainable international business practices.


    We support the transformation of the energy industry, primarily wind power, solar energy and hydrogen, as well as water and waste management infrastructure.

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    Financing high-tech energy efficiency

    30 m high warehouses, a 12 km long conveyor, some 500 jobs - one of Germany's most state-of-the-art logistics centres produces most of its own electricity.