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In-house environmental management

KfW IPEX-Bank is one of the few banks in Germany to operate as a carbon neutral business. Our office building fulfills the highest ecological standards worldwide. Unavoidable emissions are offset by emission certificates.

KfW IPEX-Bank Frankfurt West Arcade
The "pressure control ring façade" reduces heat losses

KfW IPEX-Bank sets standards in the use of new, energy-saving technologies. With a primary energy consumption of 98 kWh per square metre, the "West Arcade" building at our Frankfurt headquarters is one of the high-rise office buildings with the highest eco-standards in the world.The "West Arcade" has an aerodynamic design that prevents energy losses resulting from the prevailing wind flow.

Efficient use of energy in the West Arcade

Thermal building component activation, ground heat exchangers and the use of waste heat from the data centre in the basement are further examples of our strategy to keep our energy consumption extremely low. A number of innovative solutions such as temperature, lighting and shutter control enable a considerably more efficient energy use than in comparable buildings.

Climate neutral printing of our publications

All externally produced publications use climate neutral printing. Relevant CO2 emissions which arise during the printing process are calculated, indicated and then offset using carbon emission certificates. The climate neutral print process is indicated on all our broschures.

KfW Bankengruppe completely offsets its CO2 emissions

In addition, as it became legally independent KfW IPEX-Bank adopted the practice already being applied by KfW of offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions through compensation projects. This voluntary initiative made KfW Bankengruppe Germany's first bank to completely offset its carbon emissions. All emissions from its energy consumption and business trips are offset by matching quantities of emission certificates.