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    We are transforming mobility

    We facilitate clean and safe investments in public and private mobility, sustainable transport of goods and the transformation of the maritime industry and aviation. Our goal is Paris-compliance throughout the mobility sector.

    Our achievements during 2023

    We support our customers on their transformation journey, focusing on new mobility concepts in rail and freight transport, sustainable drive systems and the anticipation of future challenges, among other things. Examples in 2023 included:

    • From road to rail: KfW IPEX-Bank is financing 800 state-of-the-art intermodal railcars for the Polish leasing company Eurowagon. This goes hand in hand with the shift of freight transport to rail and the transition to climate-friendly transport infrastructure. In accordance with Eurowagon’s sustainability strategy, the loan agreement was structured by KfW IPEX-Bank as a Green Loan. The new freight cars will enable environmentally friendly and sustainable rail freight transport throughout Europe.
    • Green Loan for railway infrastructure: KfW IPEX-Bank is providing a Green Loan facility totalling NOK 1.148 billion (approximately EUR 100 million) for the Norwegian company Bane NOR Eiendom. The funds will be used for the extension and refurbishment of various maintenance workshops. This will enable maintenance of longer passenger trains with a length of over 220 metres and increase overall efficiency of the maintenance cycle. By providing this financing, KfW IPEX-Bank is supporting the decarbonisation of mobility and transport.
    • Remaining navigable: In the worsening droughts of recent years, we see the effects of climate change that have already become a reality. To support the transformation process towards a sustainable economy, we not only finance projects that contribute to reducing global emissions, but also support technologies of the future that help to address the realities of climate change. One example is the low-water tanker Stolt Ludwigshafen, which can cope with very low water levels thanks to its unique design.

    Financing cases 2023

    What we plan to do in 2024

    Our objective in the future is to continue supporting the transformation of our clients in all areas of the mobility sector – on land, in the air and at sea. When selecting mobility projects to finance, we therefore concentrate especially on those that make an active contribution to reducing CO2, for example by financing forward-looking drive technologies in passenger transport by road and rail, or fuel-efficient drive technologies for state-of-the-art aircraft. We also support maritime industries by financing energy-efficient ships.

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    Contact: Sebastian Blum,
    Global Head of Mobility

    KfW IPEX-Bank
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